Employee Code of Ethics

We are committed to supporting our team's excellence

We are committed to upholding the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all aspects of our business operations. Our success is built on trust, respect, and responsibility. This Employee Code of Ethics Manual serves as a guide for all employees, contractors and partners, outlining the principles and standards that we expect everyone to uphold.


1. Integrity:

- Act honestly and ethically in all business dealings.

- Avoid conflicts of interest and disclose any potential conflicts promptly.

- Do not engage in any form of bribery, corruption, or unethical practices.


2. Respect:

- Treat colleagues, customers, suppliers, and partners with dignity and respect.

- Embrace diversity and inclusivity in the workplace.

- Avoid any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying.


3. Confidentiality:

- Safeguard sensitive information belonging to the company, customers, and colleagues.

- Do not disclose confidential information to unauthorized individuals.

- Respect intellectual property rights and proprietary information.


4. Compliance with Laws and Regulations:

- Adhere to all applicable laws, regulations, and company policies.

- Report any violations of laws or regulations promptly to the appropriate authorities.

- Seek guidance from the legal department if unsure about compliance matters.


5. Professionalism:

- Uphold high standards of professionalism in all interactions.

- Maintain a positive attitude and contribute to a constructive work environment.

- Continuously develop skills and knowledge to perform duties effectively.


6. Environmental Responsibility:

- Promote sustainability and minimize environmental impact in all business activities.

- Comply with environmental regulations and strive for continuous improvement.

- Conserve resources and support initiatives aimed at environmental protection.


7. Social Responsibility:

- Engage in socially responsible practices that benefit communities and society.

- Support charitable initiatives and volunteer efforts to make a positive impact.

- Uphold human rights and contribute to social justice efforts.


8. Accountability:

- Take responsibility for actions and decisions made in the course of work.

- Accept feedback gracefully and strive to learn from mistakes.

- Work diligently to achieve company goals and objectives.


9. Reporting Violations:

- Report any violations of this Code of Ethics or suspicions of unethical behavior promptly.

- Utilize the appropriate channels, such as the HR department or anonymous reporting mechanisms.

- Retaliation against individuals reporting violations in good faith will not be tolerated.



By adhering to the principles outlined in this Employee Code of Ethics Manifesto, we contribute to the success and sustainability of Movieverse Entertainment - II and its partners. Each employee, contractor and partner plays a crucial role in maintaining our reputation as a trusted and ethical organization. Let us uphold these standards with integrity, professionalism, and a commitment to excellence in all that we do.

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